Apr 4, 2014

30 Day Snapshots # 20

Bike Love @ 42
It is something I thought a woman of my age couldn't do. You see, I didn't have a bike when I was young, didn't learn how ride one. I have walked a lot, climbed trees and played with my cousin's mini car but never experience  riding a bike. It wasn't part of my childhood.

Nonetheless, having two daughters who go to two different establishments, I need to make my life easier.  Well, of course the fact that we don't own a car made it obvious that the bike is the cheapest answer.
But that solution was scary. I was worried about the cars, traffic, pedestrians, the girls' safety and the list goes on and on.

However, necessity impelled me to try and with enough courage and wobbly knees, I was able to fetch the girls from school.

It has been hundred times of cycling to and fro since that very first day,shaky knees and all, but it's worth it.  Plus when the girls(seated in the trailer)-- with their helmet on-- sing together despite the chilly weather, there's a sense of fulfillment. I feel like the coolest  Mommy Biker ever. :)

Apr 3, 2014

30 Day Snapshots # 19

Baby no more
With  her black bag, she's off to school this morning. Looking like a young lady.
Yes, time does fly so fast.

Apr 1, 2014

30 Day snapshots # 18

My love for knitting

It's like meditating...you tend to forget the time. The only focus is the stitch you are doing.

Knitting came to me few years ago when I thought how cute knitted baby boots were. Then quickly  realized that it was not for a beginner and so I stopped on those or any knitting project for that matter. Then last year I have started again, this time with scarf for my hubby. It was a bit short but then he didn't have any choice but to use it. ;) besides it was my Christmas gift.
Having learned how to knit and the different stitches made me somewhat addicted to this new hobby. I would go to thrift stores to buy different sizes of needles, scour knitting stores and  stare at an array of colorful yarns. 
I dream of going into a knitting fair and lose myself into the labyrinth of yarn booths and knitting display. 
Well, for now,  there are more scarves to finish and fingerless gloves to knit.

Feb 8, 2014

30 Day Snapshots # 17

Villeneuve: one fine day
Café/restaurant Bienveillance, Villeneuve
Being lost is alright, even if it's crispy cold and your stomach is making this growling noise. The one which can turn the lake upside down.
As we follow the sign which was supposed to lead us to some restaurant, we discover a new one. It was Sunday. A gray and quiet day.
The menu written just outside Bienveillance in Villeneuve caught our hungry eyes.
A mixture of asian dishes and filets de perche in one cozy restaurant. Just like the comments here,the meal is delicious.
With a soft music and a white wine it's a good thing to be lost once in a while.