Jan 15, 2015

...we say Thank You---ang babait ninyo!

Internet might offer me something, I've told myself. So I googled thank you songs. Listen to the top 25 Thank You songs, suggested. They are good to listen to but how can I show everyone my gratitude with all these songs. So I give up. Here I am now writing my heart out.
Our vacation started a year ago--I planned in my head everything. From the letter to the principal to the things and places my children should and ought to do. Every minute counts so nothing should be wasted. It's not everyday that we got this chance to spend Christmas with the whole family. I have my agenda filled with everything and at last we paid our tickets. Our suitcases filled to the brim with things I thought my family would love.
Excited. Anxious. I was to travel alone with two girls with the energy of two young elephants.
Finally, home with family and friends. 27 days of memorable moments. 27 days of laughter. 27 days of being with the people we love.
and we thank you for these moments. Shared time, love and food. Of course, not all in my planner was done but spontaneity usually lead us to something more  delightful and rewarding.
So I thank you all for being a part of this wonderful vacation. There's no Thank You song I can sing which will  show how grateful I am. Cheesy it might sound but this one came from the heart.

 Thank you and till next vacation.

Jan 14, 2015

Afternoon to remember

 Late afternoon...ice cream...kopiko... happily screaming children. I just lay there soaking my being to the green surrounding and the inner calmness. How I love this place, the thought of not being able to stay longer really pained me. That's life but the good thing is in my heart I can always go back. Enjoy the afternoon, the cool breeze, screaming kids and all.

Jan 11, 2015

Kropek, jet lag and plane food

Today is our 2nd day since we got back home. Still trying to fight sleepiness and laziness. But when you wake up at 3 am and long for 3 in 1 coffee, you realized that it's not going to be easy to get back into your old routine.
So this morning I toasted some bread from my plane meal. (Yes, I took it home with me. Am I alone doing this thing?) Spread some cheese whiz, tried dialing my siblings' number, to no avail.

After a month long vacation, my daughter requested  fondue and so we had it for lunch yesterday. How  I missed this but the wine made me drowsy. It felt like I was in a dreamland while trying to munch my bread amidst my tupsy turvy home.

One month isn't enough. I wish to stay longer. Do more things. In the meantime, I have ton of pictures to make me smile and will remind me that there'll be next time.

Aug 19, 2014

The storyteller

Lying comfortably on the sofa as I contemplate my next move on saving the jiggling pets, this little creature slowly made her way in the half lighted room. It was then that the bomb exploded and the key came crashing down on the block. Whew!!

Little creature: Nanay (Mother), do you want me to tell you a story?

Looking at her excited face then quickly returning my attention on the exploding blocks I half-heartedly said yes and so she begun.

Little creature: "There was once a princess locked in a tower.....blahhh...blahh.
                       She has a mommy that wasn't really her mommy with a pointy hat 
                       but she was not a  real witch. Blahhh...blahh."

                      "She also has a horse who spit fire blahh..blahhh.."

 Nanay:           "Goodness, a horse who spit fire.."

I could see how enthusiastic she was, seriously weaving her story.

Little creature: "Yesssss..." she said. Her spits making its way on my face
                      "Then a prince came.." she stopped and giddily bursted out ---

           "Oh, Nanay (Mother) he is so lovely. I think I want to marry him  but I'm not in the story."

This was when I laughed out so loud forgetting my pets. All lost now, by the way, because of my inattention.

Little creature: "So she married the prince, blahh...blahh..
                      The end."

Then she ran off living me and my pets in misery.